Service Hours

Bible Fellowship 9:15am
Worship 10:30am
Prayer Ministry 6:00pm
Bible Study 7:00pm
(6th-12th grade)
(Birth-5th grade)

welcome to connecting point church

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We at Connecting Point Church are excited to invite you to join us for service on Sunday. When you come to church, you will experience a friendly, lively, and casual family-like atmosphere - one that welcomes you as you are. Our messages combine straightforward biblical truths, humor, and life-changing challenges.

Meet our pastor...

   As the Pastor at Connecting Point I want you to know that we care about authentic relationships.  Let's face it, there are enough fake people and fake environments in the world, why add one more?  At Connecting PointPastor John Westfall, we leave our masks at the door.  It is not about impressing others, it is not about what you wear, look like, say, or do.  It is simply about being you and being in an authentic relationship with God and others.  God made us to be relational beings and real maturity and spiritual transformation comes through real relationships.  So, when you come to Connecting Point, you will meet real people connecting with God and others in real relationships.

I look forward to meeting you!

Pastor John